Posted April 17, 2024

Change in Managing Director

Eric Foster established Eric Foster & Genote/Associates (EFG) in September 2000. The firm was renamed EFG Engineers (Pty)Ltd in September 2005.  With vision, energy and lots of enthuisiasm and dedication the firm grew over the last 23 years under Eric’s watch to the current staff complement of 28.

However, the time has come for a change of guard as Eric will be retiring and is formally resigning as the Managing Diector of EFG Engineers with effect from 28 February 2023.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Eric for his input and guidance over this period.

Eric has always been a firm believer of Team Effort.  It, therefore, goes without saying that the growth of EFG has only been possible through the Team Effort.  This includes not only EFG staff and colleagues, but also Clients, Provincial and City Officials, Consultants, and Contractors that EFG have worked with over the years.

Brian Domingo has been appointed as the new Managing Director of EFG Engineers with effect from 01 March 2023.  Brian joined EFG in May 2018 and initially worked as a Resident Engineer on the Hermanus to Stanford project.  Brian has excellent managing skills and was appointed as Director in October 2020.  He then moved back to the office in 2022 to gain further management experience and mentoring for his new role as Managing Director.

Eric will continue to offer his support and guidance as Consultant to EFG and this arrangement will ensure continuity on projects on which Eric is currently engaged with, to provide uninterrupted and high quality service to our clients.

Should you have any queries, please contact Brian or any of our current Directors.