Posted February 22, 2017


The Sutherland to Merweville “Funride” is an annual MTB charity ride hosted by the WAWWA Foundation. The aim of this event is to raise funds in order to improve the lives of the children and elderly living within the rural communities of the Karoo. The proceeds of this specific event was donated to Merweville Primary School.

One of EFG’s senior MTB riders initiated that EFG Engineers enter a team for this gruelling race from Sutherland to Merweville. After some encouragement and convincing we had a team of 5 members.

On Saturday 7 May all the participants got together in front of the Sutherland Hotel on a typically chilly winters morning. The race officially started at 9am and we headed out of town in a southerly direction towards the turnoff to Merweville. As we turned onto this gravel road we were greeted by a cold easterly wind blowing straight into our faces. The wind, light rain and cold temperatures caused for a very tough race. Thanks to good teamwork lead by Joubert and Fossie we took turns taking on the headwind with the rest of the team sitting in the front riders slipstream.


After about 40km into the race it started raining and all that made us pedal the next stroke was the fact that a halfway feast awaited us a couple of kilometres down the road. The team arrived at the halfway mark relatively cold and fed-up to say the least. We were contemplating throwing in the towel on the rest of the race but it must have been the braaivleis, biltong and energy drinks that made the whole team decide to continue.

Just as we got on to our bikes to take on the downhill of the Allemanshoek Pass, the event organizers announced that the race is cancelled due to the rain causing dangerous and slippery conditions down the pass. Most of the team members didn’t look too disappointed about this announcement! We loaded our bikes, got into the cars and headed down the pass towards Merweville.

Looking back it was a very enjoyable and eventful weekend with friends and family in the beautiful Karoo. And everything for a really good cause.