Road Design


EFG integrates urban transport policy, fund sourcing, transport network infrastructure planning and design with local and sub-regional planning and design.

EFG Engineers offers a comprehensive and integrated service for projects that range in complexity, scope, scale and terrain. We work with a range of main and sub-contractors.  We are experienced in logistics, procurement and site management, as well as limiting disruption to traffic and users during construction.

EFG has undertaken multi-disciplinary projects elements involving excavation, concrete structures and reinstating services over weekends and to tight deadlines.

Services include planning and design of highways, arterials, roads, intersections, crossings and local streets.

With expertise in transport planning and civil engineering, we plan and design railway lines, stations and other public and general transport infrastructure. Traffic engineering forms part of our services.

We pride ourselves on accurate calculations on quantities and other project metrics.  Our project evaluation is done by means of the HDM-4 process.

Road Design Projects

TR28/2, from Hermanus to Gansbaai
MR168, Baden Powell
N1 National Road Section 3