Project Overview

TR28/2, provides a direct link between the towns of Hermanus, Stanford and Gansbaai.  TR28/2 starts at Main Street in Hermanus and extends all the way through Stanford up to Km 43.88 in the town of Gansbaai.

Phase 1

Phase 2

The current road has a surface width of 6.4m and 1.5m unsurfaced shoulders that does not comply with the standard Class 1 cross-section.  The road has a mobility function and also gives access to agricultural land, smallholdings, holiday resorts as well as several nature conservancies.  The area is known for its wine industry, holiday resorts and several tourist based activities with no large industrial development present.

The upgrade of TR28/2 will address the following:

The upgrading of TR28/2 between Hermanus and Gansbaai will be done in 2 phases, with phase 1 between Hermanus and Stanford completed.  Construction of phase 2 started in August 2022 and will be completed by December 2024.




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