Project Overview

The project is located on a 10,5 km long portion of the existing N1 National Route that provides national mobility between the Western Cape and Gauteng together with local mobility between Worcester and De Doorns as well as the Karoo.


The existing roadway is typically a 2-lane single carriageway with 3.7m lanes and 2.5m surfaced shoulders. It has no climbing lanes and no steep grades. The current speed limit is 100 km/h with a section where it has been reduced to 80 km/h.

The existing road does not meet the required horizontal and vertical standards for a 120km/h design speed and only complies with an approximately 90 km/h design speed in terms of current geometric standards.

The upgrade of the N1 Section 3 from Worcester (km3.5) to Glen Heatlie (km 14) will address the following:


The project is currently (February 2023) in its Preliminary Design phase and is scheduled to go out to tender middle of 2026.

Other Projects

Various Road Maintenance Projects
Mixed Use Development
Private Residential Development