Project Overview

The planning and design for the rehabilitation and improvement of (Main Road 168) to a dual carriageway over a distance of 10.7 km, (Trunk Road 2 section 1) over a distance of 2km.  New Quarterlink Road constructed as a dual carriageway.

Completed project:

  • Project: Phase 1 (MR168 between Vlaeberg road and Annandale Road)
  • Period: 2013-2015

The upgrade is primarily aimed at improving the existing road infrastructure, in terms of a prioritized and phased approach, involving the following, where necessary: The provision of additional capacity, traffic signals, public transport and non-motorised facilities, consolidation and relocation of existing accesses and elimination of rail crossings. The project was partially funded through EFG Engineers facilitating financial contributions from the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), Telkom and Eskom.

Before, this road network with all its crossings and intersections had high accident figures for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

One of the engineering feats associated with the project was the moving and re-establishing of the entire off-grid wetland sewerage plant of the Stellenbosch University Sustainability Institute. Underpasses and bridges for a busy railway line were built, traffic and essential agricultural water channels were kept flowing during construction and engineering features and design modifications have made the area more fauna and flora-friendly, and scarce plant species were protected.

Accidents have been reduced and a dedicated cycle and pedestrian path along the route has made tourist visits to wine estates, restaurants and shopping facilities situated along the route safer.

Holistic planning and execution has laid a solid foundation for future extensions to the road link and further economic development along the route.

Current Project:

  • Project: Phase 2 (MR168/TR2/1 from new Vlaeberg Road to the N2, Quarterlink Road)
  • Period: 2018-current

This phase is a continuation of phase 1 between the N2 and new Vlaeberg Road.  The work comprises of the existing road and the construction of a new carriageway to operate as a dual carriageway.  The work includes a new bridge over Van Riebeeck Road (MR159)


The existing Quarterlink Road between Baden Powell Drive and Van Riebeeck Road (MR159) will be closed and a new dual carriageway Quarterlink Road will be constructed as an continuation of the old Faure Road up to the Faure Station.  All the major intersections, including the on/off ramps at the N2 will be signalised with street lighting.

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