Posted February 22, 2017

EFG Engineers entered the CESA Aon Engineering Excellence Awards 2016

Before, this road network saw high accident figures across all user categories.
The project exceeded its original scope, with client approval. EFG Engineers overcame threats of legal action as well as conflicting demands from tenants and landowners, and facilitated contributions by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), Telkom and Eskom.

One of the engineering feats associated with the project was the moving and re-establishing of the entire off-grid wetland sewerage plant of the Stellenbosch University Sustainability Institute. Underpasses and bridges for a busy railway line were built over weekends, mainly working through the night. Traffic and agricultural water channels kept flowing during construction. Engineering features and design modifications have made the area more fauna and flora-friendly, and scarce plant species were protected.

EFG delivered far more than its original brief, having also consulted, facilitated and negotiated with affected landowner. Multiple rail, road and pedestrian crossings were consolidated and re-engineered for greater safety.  A dedicated cycle and pedestrian path along the route has also made tourist visits to wine estates, restaurants and shopping facilities situated along the route safer.

All users now benefit from a safe, vastly improved road and mobility system for all vehicle and pedestrian traffic, including for persons with disabilities. Holistic planning and execution has laid a solid foundation for future extensions to the road link and further development along the route.